Pest Management Lobbyists Bemoan Preemption Repeal Efforts

This year, [pest management industry lobbyists] in Connecticut and Minnesota worked hard to defeat bills that would have repealed pesticide preemption in their states …. Florida, Massachusetts, New York and Wisconsin introduced bills to repeal their pesticide preemption laws, and allow local governments to regulate pesticides.

Oak Park Preemption Resolution

This is a proposed resolution which the Oak Park village board is reviewing. Its intent is to influence the Illinois General Assembly to repeal the state Preemptive Law which disallows local municipalities to regulate pesticide use. This Law has been implemented in 43 states, removing their “home rule” control.

Preemption Fact Sheet

Preemption - a higher level of government eliminates or limits the authority of lower levels.  Powerful industry lobbyists often support  preemption, believing it will benefit from elimination of state laws. [tnc-pdf-viewer-iframe...

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