Engineered Foods, Glyphosate Toxicity and Your Health

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Two public lectures by Dr. Thierry Vrain

Presented April 10 and 12, 2018

On April 12, 2018, Dr Thierry Vrain delivered a public lecture in River Forest, Illinois on the history and current health implications of Roundup-Ready genetically engineered seeds produced and marketed by Monsanto Company (since acquired in a merger with the German chemical giant Bayer). The lecture was sponsored by GoGreen Oak Park, a non-profit advocacy organization working for local control over pesticide regulation and organic alternatives for managing landscapes and crop production.

Please give the video and the Powerpoint presentation time to load (they’re very large files).
You can page down through the slides in the right-hand window as Dr Vrain advances them in the video.

These events were free and open to the public.

Dr. Thierry Vrain is a retired genetic engineer who resides in British Columbia. He had a long career as a soil biologist and genetic scientist, retiring as a research director at the Canadian Department of Agriculture.

Having taken into account the large amount of scientific evidence that shows how synthetic pesticides can be hazardous to human health and the environment, Dr. Vrain has decided to sound the warning about the multiple dangers associated with pesticide use in crop production and domestic applications. He refutes the claims of the biotechnology companies that their engineered crops yield more, that they require less pesticide applications, that they have no impact on the environment and, of course, that they are safe to eat.

Dr. Susan Buchanan is Director of the Great Lakes Center for Children’s Environmental Health at the University of Illinois at Chicago. This is the EPA/ATSDR-funded Pediatric Environmental Health Specialty Unit for federal Region 5. Dr. Buchanan is board certified in Family Medicine and Occupational and Environmental Medicine. She teaches occupational and environmental health topics in UIC’s Occupational Medicine Residency Program, Family Medicine Department, and School of Public Health. Her research interests include environmental exposures among pregnant women and young children.

Dr. Buchanan will lead discussions after each of Dr. Vrain’s presentations.

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