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Notification Laws

May 30, 2016 | Human Health, Lawn Care, Pesticides, Regulation | 0 comments

There is something we can do to protect ourselves from the unknown but serious risks of pesticiide use,to the health of our selves and our children. Illinois law provides requirements and procedures allowing us to be notified when toxics are to be applied on neighboring properties or in our children’s schools.

The Lawncare Products Application and Notice Act requires lawncare companies to give their customers information on the products they use, and to post warning markers after their application. If your neighbor employs a lawncare company, the law empowers you to ask the company to notify you, in person or by telephone, the day prior to any application. The company must provide you with information about the products they will be using, and give you the approximate time the application will take place.

Illinois also has a School and Childcare Pesticide Notification Law which restricts the use of pesticides in these facilities and requires advance notification up to four days when pesticide treatments are planned. The law also requires that Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), which disclose known health and safety hazards, be available for review if covered toxic chemicals are used. Schools and childcare facilities should keep a registry of parents who wish to be notified under the law, so that parents are provided the opportunity to remove their children from these environments when their health may be put at risk.

The Midwest Pesticide Action Center has bublished the two guides below relating to these Illinois statutes:


Lawncare Products Application and Notice Act



School and Childcare Pesticide Notification Law


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